February 27, 2004

What Counts 

Tonight I had an insight into what counts. Family counts. Things are O.K. now, but they haven't been for the last few hours. Thank you Marcia! You are the best!

Who can find a lost person, someone that needs assistance? A high school teacher or the THP? Easy, a high school teacher.

What's the THP doing? Waiting for the next batch of doughnuts and coffee? Trying to figure out whose jurisdiction it is? Trying to get their finger out of their ass? Waiting to bust a drugie? They sure as hell ain't lookin' for folks that need help. SERVE and PROTECT, take it off your doors, remove it from your manual, stop kidding us.

Youngest... I'm glad you're in loving arms now, I want to see you, I need to spend time with you. I'm so happy that you are safe. Come home.....


Its my favorite day of the week and I'm taking it easy. I've tired of pushing, pulling, rushing, struggling, etc. Time to slow down, take some compass reading, and find some nirvana.

February 22, 2004


Lucas was so cool today. He rolled over for the first time. Every thing I said tonight, he tried to say. Goo goo words with drool. When I was holding him he wanted to look at my mouth and duplicate what he saw and heard. With the first teeth starting to show, mom has decided that bottles mght be a good thing after all. I can't wait to show him UT, Chattanooga, fishin', and pretty girls.

Next week the youngest will be home for a week. I have a week to clean up my act and get the frig stocked. I'll have to sneak around in the A.M. when she's asleep. Guess I better buy ground coffee so she won't have to listen to the grinder at 5:00 A.M.

This week will be concentrated on glass lined equipment, heat exchangers, oxy-fuel cutting and heating, and anything that relates to pipe, Exicting huh? Well it makes me happy and it pays the bills. I can't say that I've got it running down both legs, but I don't dread it. It could be raining and cold with me standing in the middle of it.

February 21, 2004

Adult Kids 

Adult children are such a different flavor. They either get it or they don't (my sub-classification of the human race). I think my kids get it, not always in a manner I would envision, but as long as they get it (have a clue) I'm O.K. They need ya when they need ya, otherwise stay the hell out of the way.

The weekend is upon us and I'm way into it. Tonight I was the dog walker, or Peppie walked me. We walked the whole boardwalk, enjoy the lake, and checked out the neighborhood. He knows when I'm there and when walkin' is going to be a major event. I have the duties (dog walkin') again tomorrow morning and I'm looking forward to the time. I need some responsibilities, other than work, to keep me sane. Walkin' Peppie fills the bill.

Time to make reservations at the Peabody for the Ole Miss graduation this Spring. Sure hope I get to see the ducks. By the time I get settled in, I'm be walkin' with the ducks (or it'll look like it). I'll need to remember that I'm not dreaming. Others will need to remember that I'm soakin' it all in, am glad to be alive, and that I'm living a fantasy.

February 19, 2004

Like a Rollin' Stone 

How does it feel to be on your own with no direction home? Are ya laughin' 'bout everybody that's hangin' out? Are ya goin' to the finest schools? Do you want to make a deal? Ya got no secrets to conceal? I've got to quit listening to those Bob Dylan songs. You know he's a poet?

I found a new author, Nelson DeMille. First it was Up Country now its Spencerville then on to The Charm School. What's in a name? Reading keeps me off the streets.

So much for tonight, I need sleep. TGIF.

February 18, 2004

What Next? 

I'm enjoying being at home, but I know it's time to hit-the-road. I'm talking Maitland, Canada, Chambers Works, NJ, some place in China, Nashville, and Puerto Rico. Who knows what's next?

I need a new HDTV boob tube so I can hide in my room when the girls are home. I need a Weber grill so I can grill that barbecue chicken that I'm so famous for (I think), and I need a new Marauder so I can make the road trips (Memphis and Greenville) that can be so enlightening. Come on Spring time! Where's that sunshine that I can soak up and drink those Mexican beers in?

Better do what's next on the menu and worry about tomorrow tomorrow.

February 17, 2004

Public Forum 

I know this is a public forum, but I have many private things to say. Shall I be cryptic in a way that I've often been accused?

To the oldest, I say dam'it how in the world are we going to do that, then she shows me how. To the middle, I say speed up, don't you know how important this is, and he says be cool, slow down, and think about it for awhile. To the youngest, I say how can I say it, you stayed with me, you believed in me, you loved me, you are the greatest!

I'm looking for the road home, help me find it. I'm making a place for you, enjoy it. I'm here for you, answer the call.

February 16, 2004

Lucky Man 

Whether you know about Lou Gehrig's luckiest man alive speech at Yankee Stadium or Emerson, Lake, and Palmer's Lucky Man.... today I am the luckiest man alive.

I have my oldest child in grad school at Ole Miss teaching me about things I thought I could never comprehend, my son with his son, Lucas, a 4 month old little boy who melts my heart every day, and my youngest finding her way at the University of Memphis. Who could dream of more?

There are so many things waiting for me. I hope I can live up to the challenge. I want to do so much and experience it all. I want to see my oldest exceed in ways I could never have dreamed about, I want to see Lucas grow into a little boy, I want to see my youngest reach her potential.

I'll keep you updated. I've got something to share. I've been blessed!

February 14, 2004

Heart Day 

Where is your heart today? Mine is tucked safely away. Is this just another media event?

My heart day was spent fixin' mufflers, unspottin' potties, and gettin' grounded. No chocolate, no heart shaped boxes, no hugs, and no sweet nothings in the ear. No problem?

Do I have a heart or has it turned to stone? I'm not sure. I'll always believe that there's someone out there who can break the ice, melt the snow.

Do you have long legs, blonde hair, are you a nymph, does your daddy own a liquor store? If you can answer yes to all of the above, please give me a call!

February 12, 2004


I'm home, that might be the most important thought. Everything else is secondary.

Have I done anything? No. Should I expect anything? No. Have I won the lottery? No. Yet everything is at peace. Where do you find the yen? Where is the bliss? Where is nirvana? Where is Eden?

The most important thing for tonight is finding my guys. No gender applies. Where are you? Answer your phones, return your email, comment on the postings. Where are you?

I love you!

February 11, 2004

Clean Sheets 

Tonight I have clean sheets. Not sure if you should change them daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly but tonight I have em. Going to sleep like a king. Strip the bed, turn ther knobs, and there they are.

Being away from home so much makes me appreciate the nesting thing and want to take it to the limit. I would share, but only if you promised to go home at a reasonable time. Maybe I should hire a PA.

Otis Phobia 

I have a new phobia I'm calling Otis phobia, others may know it by its more common name... elevator phobia.

Last week after checking in at my temporary residence for the week, I found the lab I would be teaching at, checked out the facilities, and headed back to the hotel. No problem.

After getting on the fancy glass elevator, I noticed it jerked and bounced as I started toward the 2nd floor. Then it stopped. I kept it together until the fire alarm sounded announcing there was a fire in the building, everyone should evacuate immediately, and DO NOT USE THE ELEVATOR. There I stood like an animal on display as all the lucky hotel guests shuffled out. You should have seen the looks on their faces as they stared at me, pointing, and making snide comments under their breath.

Finally the fire department arrived, 10 or 15 minutes later, and pried me out of my glass tomb. It was a false alarm with the only casualty being my nerves. Happy ending.

I took the stairs for the remainder of my stay.

February 10, 2004

Quote of the Day 

"When you have chosen your part, abide by it, and do not weakly try to reconcile yourself with the world... Adhere to your own act, and congratulate yourself if you have done something strange and extravagant, and broken the monotony of a decorous age."


February 08, 2004

Another Sunday Night 

I made it home, through all the ice, rain, and snow in Philly. Home has never felt so good! Just another Sunday night tryin' to figure out what I'm supposed to be doin'.

Made all the phone calls, washed all the clothes, and ran all the errands. Now what?

Waitin' for Spring.... the flowers, the smells, the warmth, the renewal. A whole new world awaits!

February 05, 2004

First Post 

Well I finally did it, here's the first post to Fitter Thoughts. Who would have guessed that I'd be in Newark, DE when the mood hit?

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