March 31, 2004

What's in a Name? 

My job puts me in contact with many nationalities, cultures, races, religions, creeds, etc. It's necessary to be sensitive or "politically correct" as some might say. Today I lost it and so did all the other good ole boys and girls in Chattanooga. We were dealing with Mr. Nitish Dikshit. It wasn't a made up name, his mother or rather his father (I think) gave him that moniker. My advise to Mr. Dikshit would be to invest the few hundred dollars and change the name for himself and all future generations.

A sideline if you will. I've also considered changing my name. I wanted to keep my initials, so I came up with the very appropriate "Rat Damn Johnston". I hear those references all the time anyway so it would be easier if I made it official. I'm now reconsidering and think that Rat Damn Dikshit might be even better. Or maybe Damn Asshole Dikshit so my initials would be DAD. Kinda catchy don't you think?

March 27, 2004

Lazy Days 

Today has been one of those do nothing days. Ain't life great. I needed a weekend like this to welcome Spring. There's nothing like sittin' by the pool, reading a good novel, and watchin' the world go by.

My new apartment is finally starting to feel like home. It helps having spent the last few weeks in town. That's all about to change. I need to make reservations for 2 weeks in Nashville first thing Monday morning. On the road again.

To all interested persons. The Memphis reservations for 5/8 have been finalized. Two suites for Friday and Saturday night at the Holiday Inn on campus (you've been there before). Should be a special family event that won't be forgotten, and I promise I'll try to behave. Who is the designated driver?

March 20, 2004

Sippin' Miller Lite 

It's Saturday night and I'm sittin' here sippin' Miller Lite and thinkin' 'bout things. I've experienced lots along the way and have survived most. I'm satisfied that I've done my best.

My latest project is a shelf for my bedroom suite. Oak costs more than it should and the stain and sandpaper were more expensive than I expected. My hands ache from all the hand sanding, but things are really smooth now. I'll stain my first boards tomorrow and probably will have stained hands, arms, etc. for the next few days. I'll be drilling holes and screwing screws soon, I guess that's better than gettin' drilled and gettin' screwed?

Next week I'll put on my sketching hat and try to reproduce the plant process systems that exists in reality but have never been captured on paper. Can I make it universally understandable? I'll draw the systems every way they can be imagined, maybe someone will know what I'm trying to convey.

Another day off (Sunday) is a breath of fresh air, I need more of 'em. The only thing planned for tomorrow is walking Peppie in the PM. We enjoy our times on the boardwalk.

March 16, 2004

The Pimpmobile 

Tonight I gave the Pimpmobile away, I think. It served me well. And to the new owner, don't forget to drive with that gangster lean and keep some change in your pocket for calling when you need to be rescued. Happy motoring!

I'll be spending Thursday night in Nashville. An ASTD meeting Thursday night, time at Blackstone to chill and say hi to a few old friends, then on to the Sheraton for some well deserved rest. I should be home early Friday morning. Come on weekend.

March 14, 2004

What's for Dinner? 

I don't want to drive anywhere tonight, so I'm looking in the frig and cabinets for something appetizing for dinner. Does anyone have a recipe for carrots, rice, and peanut butter? Maybe I'll walk to Hardee's and pick from the Angus beef selections, whatever that means. If I could climb the white rail fence between here and there it would be much closer.

I hear sirens outside, every time I hear sirens I start to worry. Where are my kids tonight? One is asleep upstairs (make that two if you count Lucas) and the other two are so far removed that it couldn't be for them. I can't help but worry when I hear those sirens and see those flashing blue lights. Maybe it's a false alarm?

Tomorrow will be virtual workshop day. I have five to host/sponsor in April and am already needing to pick a time convenient to the West coast, Europe, and us regular folks here in the Eastern time zone. Three different webmeeting softwares to choose from and THEY pick the only one I know nothing about. I guess you can conclude that I didn't have a vote on that one. Time to test, try, poke, and prod so I don't make an ass out of myself in front of several hundred people from eight or nine different countries.

Time to climb the fence.

March 13, 2004

Writing or Blogging? 

Once upon a time I wrote letters, at least once a week to my girls far, far away. I've almost quit. Is blogging a replacement for letters? I think not, there's no substitute for putting pen to the page and sharing personal, but silly thoughts. I must do better.

I'm tired of fixin' cars. The recent body count is 2 for me, 2 for Todd, and 2 for Ashley, that's more than I can handle. Todd and Ashley tolerate it much better than me, guess its my age. I want it to stop. I'll have a new machine soon and hopefully that will slow down the towing bills. I want to cruise, chill, and enjoy the motoring part of America, isn't that part of the dream?

Time to reheat dinner. Time to watch movies and lock the door. Time to read and think.

March 10, 2004

Finding Old Friends 

When you find old friends it makes you smile. I mean real friends, friends who know things that others will never know. Friends who will always be friends no matter what. Friends who have shared when the chips are down. Friends who care. Hello!

I'm stayin' in the fort tonight and taking care of business, you know, dishes, clothes, cleaning, bills, calls, etc. I'm very much the task master tonight.

My girls are together tonight, in Memphis I hope. I bet they're talkin' 'bout me and comparing notes. Talking about their weird old man and how much of a fruitcake he is. I am and you are, but I love you just the same. Enjoy your Spring break and all that goes with it, it will never come again. Stop and look around, it may never come again.

March 06, 2004

Brick Walls 

I'm a brick wall kind of guy. I build 'em strong, thick, and high. No portals for peaking, no cracks that might start a fissure. The reasons for such world class masonry can never be shared. At least I have a cause, a reason for being, a need to stack more bricks.

Please don't lie to me. I can handle the facts. I can deal with the truth. Let me make decisions based on reality, not your twisted version of it. I may have been born at night, but not last night.

Eventually, I'll need to publish Roger's rules-of-the-road, rules to keep you safe. Until then I'll list the top two. 1. Never say the 2 words (I Do). 2. Never listen to the 3 words (I Love You), say 'em all you want, but never, never listen.

March 04, 2004


The early A.M. is when I'm at my best. It's that time now, but my brain is asleep. At least I have a toasted, buttered bagel to dunk in my coffee.

Last night was great. I was very much the domestic with all the shopping, cooking, cleaning...

A small discovery, the best time to shop for groceries is on the way home from work. The best place to hang out is the frozen foods. Why? The clientele is all dressed up, perky, and standing at attention. I salute you now and saluted you then.

March 02, 2004

Cheap Books 

I sent the two bookstore hounds out last night to search for seven titles. They found three. One for 0.75, one for 0.55, and the other for 0.70, that's a total of 2.00 for three books. I admit these aren't best sellers, but they are what I wanted and needed. I'm addicted to books, could be and has been worse. I have a new source.

Time to learn about virtual workshops. I've been handed five to produce/direct/sponsor next month. First step will be to write idiot proof instructions without offending the idiots. Being politically correct is not one of my virtues (gotta work on that). I'll let you know what transpires.

Work time approaches, so its time for the morning routine, the 3S's if you know what I mean.

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