June 30, 2004

12 Hour Days 

This week I'm working 12 hour days in Old Hickory. The long days are killers but I'll have a 4 day weekend to celebrate the 4th. With my birthday being on the 1st, it should be a grand weekend.

The work environment is changing by the minute, but the trends are starting to look more favorable. If things work out the way they look today, I'll have a more secure position than I've ever had before.

June 28, 2004

On the Road Again 

Time for me to journey to Nashville. It will be a few days at Blackstone, seeing old friends, and experiencing "home" one more time. The only problem is... I don't want to go. I want to be in Chattanooga this week!

What is it about Chattanooga? The colors are brighter, the smells are sweeter, and the music has the right resonance. I've been completing projects that had been abandoned long ago and am looking around the corner to see what comes next. It's time to live!

June 25, 2004

Let It Rain 

Today I want it to rain like never before. I was up last night into the wee hours of the morning and that's when I decided that it should rain, rain, rain... Why? Don't ask.

June 13, 2004

Bonnaroo - The Aftermath 

After wavering on whether or not to go to almost the last minute (maybe second) I went and had a grand experience (even for an old fart). So here's the top 10 in chronological order (hopefully).

1. Escorting 3 Young Ladies. (Lots of self-imposed pressure but everything worked out O.K.).

2. Swimming in the Creek. (Naked young ladies bathing in the creek while waiting in line to be checked in).

3. The Wine Stop. (3 bottles of wine were purchased and consumed before we entered the site, draw your own conclusions).

4. The Parking Attendant. ( Spent at least an hour sitting and chatting with a cool old couple who turned their traffic locked house into an expense parking lot).

5. Blue Titties. ( Ladies who thought that blue paint was a substitute for a bikini top. There were other colors later, but there's nothing like the first).

6. Bob Dylan. (After sitting in the outskirts of the concert, I decided it would be neat to be front row, center stage and was it so ever cool!).

7. Sharing with Friends. (I needed to be with people and be real, I don't get enough of that. More here, but it can't be shared).

8. Rain. (It was so damn hot that when it rained everyone cheered).

9. Weed. (I didn't join in, believe it or not, but practiced my deep breathing exercises at every opportunity).

10. 3 Guys Find Their Car. ( We had difficulty finding our camp site in the dark the first night but finally found it. The next morning we watched 3 dudes hugging and giving high fives upon finding their car after an all night search).

There's lots more but I can't tell all.

June 01, 2004

Let's Do Bonnaroo 

Yep, I'm going to Bonnaroo June 11 to 13. Hope to see you there!

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