July 26, 2004

Roger's Rules-of-the-Road 

Time for a few of Roger's rules-of-the-road.  These rules will keep you safe both physically and emotionally.

1. Never get caught without your wheels.

2. Never say the 2 words (I do).

3. Never listen to the 3 words (I love you).

4. Never leave an electronic or paper trail (it could haunt you when you least expect it).

5. Always sit with your back to the wall.

July 22, 2004

Its a New Day 

I'm working in Nashville for the next few weeks and am trying to settle in.  The days are long so I'm staying close to the fort at night.  Its probably good that I'm consumed by work, 'cause it keeps my mind off of other issues (much closer to home).

The job is changing by the minute, but all is working to my advantage at this time.

From here it looks like a new day with a blue sky with the wind at my back.

July 14, 2004

A Life to Live 

I have a life to live and I'm going to do it starting today. I've sat on the sidelines long enough. I'm tired of taking care of business, business is taken care of.

For those who want to come along, I offer a 1st class ride. Anyone who wants to stay behind, its been nice knowing you. Those that are scratching their heads (or ass) and wondering what's happening, the bus is leaving the terminal. Either check your bags or step back to make room for others.

No more riding the fence, no more waiting for tomorrow. Today is the day! This isn't a rehearsal, this is real and I'm real.

Dancing in the Rain 

Today I want to dance in the rain. Now if it would only rain. Well if it does rain, drop by and you'll see an old man dancin' in the rain.

Changes are coming at me so fast that I can't digest them all. This would have been a problem in the past, but no more. Bring it on!

July 07, 2004

Little Pieces 

Do you believe that things can be broken into pieces that are so small that they can't be broken again? I'm not talking on a subatomic level but on a real level that you can see and feel and smell and touch. Something like glass. Break glass into pieces that are so small that they can't be broken again and you have unbreakable glass.

Well, that's how I feel on the inside today. I've been broken into pieces so many times that I'm unbreakable. I may be unbreakable, but today somebody scattered my pieces.

Time to gather up all my little pieces and move on.

July 01, 2004

A Tribute to Janet 

Today I'm remembering Janet Diane Johnston who was stillborn on 6/30/49. As a child I recall visiting her grave site every year on the day before my birthday. She is buried beneath a heart-shaped bronze marker contained within a heart-shaped hedge. I never understood and it was never talked about. I only knew that she would have been my sister if she had lived.

You changed my life and broke my heart. I love you and miss you Janet.

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