September 13, 2004

Lucas at 11 Months 

A nice picture of Lucas at approximately 11 months old. What a kid!

September 08, 2004

The Summer of 2004 

You may (will) need your magic decoder ring to totally understand what is being said in this blog. Sorry for the cryptic entry but sometimes it is best.

Top 10 for the "Summer of 2004".

1. The fact that there was a "Summer of 2004".

2. Bonaroo (you had to be there to understand, 100,00 were there but they didn't see what I saw).

3. A weekend in Heaven ( Was it a dream?).

4. Two months in hell.

5. A small, (medium) maroon piece of silk as a reminder of what didn't happen (or did it?).

6. New job.

7. New wheels.

8. New outlook (forced or unforced).

9. An understanding of how things work (or don't), how life can be so unpredictable (or predictable).

10. Moving in Mississippi.

September 03, 2004

My New Wheels 

A reasonable facsimile of my new wheels. Her name is PAM.

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