October 12, 2004

Where the Hell is Upper Sandusky? 

I've spent most of the day traveling and am now in Upper Sandusky, OH. I'm talking no cell phone access. The phone book isn't thick enough to shim a wobbly table without folding it in half. The strangest part is they way people talk... "Do you want a pop"? No thanks I already have a dad.

For anyone I've talked with after the Tennessee Georgia game, my voice is returning to normal. I've got to quit doing that. One of my neighbors asked me Sunday morning if I was going to be raising hell again today. I told her it was hard to predict, that I just might be. Crank up the surround sound and "Go VOLS"!

An interesting tidbit for the masses. University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Reynolds writes the most visited weblog in the world, according to Wired magazine. Instapundit.com receives more than 100,000 hits a day. Try it you'll like it.

Well at least I brought The Dark Tower books III and IV. Sleeping with the lights on isn't all that bad.

My flight back to Chattanooga is late Thursday night. Then it's up early Friday morning for my long awaited road trip to Mississippi. I now have the means to go anywhere I want whenever I want. If I can just make myself get out of the house... I need to work on that.

Time to "Ramble On".

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