March 21, 2005

Tennis Anyone? 

Yesterday I played singles/doubles with Lucas, Todd, and Cassie. It was a fabulous way to celebrate the first day of spring. Lucas loved dragging the rackets and chasing the balls. We only hit a few homeruns over the fence and Todd eventually found them all.

The Boston ferns are hanging, the humming bird feeder is up, and the petunias are in the planters. I can feel the sap rising. With the purchase of a few deck chairs, the patio will be ready to welcome the warm weather and outdoor living. I'm ready for lounging at the pool and splashing in the water with Lucas.

Good Friday means a short work week with lots to cram into a small space. After a week on-the-road there's always a backlog waiting on Monday morning. I'll tackle it today with a smile on my face just thinking about my next tennis match. Who knows maybe I'll even get to hold a racket?

March 16, 2005


I made it to Pryor, OK without incident on Monday afternoon. The only excitement was the final approach to Memphis; it was like riding a roller coaster with a few of the wheels missing. On the drive from Tulsa to Pryor, I realized that Oklahoma looked just like Texas but without the cowboy hats and Mexicans.

Lunch on Tuesday was at an Amish restaurant called the Dutch Bakery. What a wonderful dining experience! The waitresses were in native costume... cotton bonnets, long dresses, white socks, etc. Where do they sell that stuff?

Now I want to be back in Chattanooga, back in the nest. I miss grilling out, Lucas, and all that goes with being at home.

I have lunch scheduled with Ashley during my two hour layover in Memphis on Friday. That makes me smile and know that maybe everything will be OK.

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